CANCO Fuerteventura - Excursions and Sights

Corralejo is a town located on the northeast tip of Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, facing to the small island of Lobos. This is what makes Corralejo such a popular resort.

Corralejo is much loved for its white sand beaches and eye-popping blue water. The economy of that region relies mostly on the tourism. Long, sunny days, intense wind, and waves up to two metres means that the island has a long tradition of windsurfing and kite surfing. Across June, Corralejo enjoys an average of ten hours of sunshine each day .


There are three thousand sunny hours a year, so you can visit the town and the resorts around here even in January. Paradise is here!

Weather Corralejo, beach, sun, water.

The coldest month is January, if we can even say cold. The lowest temperatures can reach 16 degrees. But most of the time, across that month it is 18 degrees. The coastal winds in the summer months are very pleasant because you can feel a little bit cooler when it is above twenty-five degrees outside. The hottest months are July, August, and September. You can feel the spells of the hot sun ten hours a day in July. The blue, clear, and pleasant white water of the ocean reaches around 22 degrees in August. The best time to swim is August. Mostly all of the year in Corralejo is dry. From January to October, the rain cannot ruin your holiday, but in October the wet weather is not so pleasant. There are many things to do in Corralejo. From swimming in the sea with dolphins and camel rides at the zoo, to climbing volcanoes with steaming geysers, Fuerteventura won’t fail to impress and create memories that’ll last a lifetime. Going to Lanzarote and Lobos with the ferry is an option too. There is surfing, kiting, and biking, and a whole bunch of outdoor activities.

Great weather, lovely and warm people, and the food is diverse and delicious. Beauty, nature, and a good climate make Corralejo a destination that is a desire for many people across the globe. You can enjoy every minute of that place. Nightlife is something that can be enjoyed too. Despite the famous status among the tourists and the many visitors yearly, the place is managing to stay natural, and big and modern resort buildings do not interfere with the whole vision of the town. No matter what time of the year it is, take a trip to Corralejo!

Corralejo weather infographic