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Corralejo – charming town full of people and entertainment, fun, sun, and sea. We cannot say that the nightlife here is as colorful and lively as on the Tenerife or Grand Canarian, but still there is a lot to see and feel.


In those places nightlife is centered in the big complexes and varied programs are made every night in the resorts, while in Corralejo you can find clubs, music bars, and traditional siestas.

Waikiki Nightclub, Corralejo. A superb beach club during the day and during the night it's a disco bar.

But this is the variation where you are free to choose and there is a lot to choose from certainly. In Corralejo the late night party scene takes place in and around the main street, Avenida del Generalisimo Franco, which runs through the centre of town and in particular the Centro Commercial Atlantico. There is something for everyone – plenty of late-night bars and clubs. If you prefer to drink a couple of beers in a British pub and watch a game till late, you can do that too.

Flicks Bar - Corralejo best bar for singles, dancing, music.

Those who love to sing karaoke are welcome in “Flicks.”The location of the bar is on the main street, a couple of miles from the old harbor and toward the center square. When you are on vacation you really want to shake your hips. Well, you can do this in clubs like Waikiki /near the town marke/t, Majestic /next to the popular Corky’s Surf Bar/, and Estrella /next to the Shell petrol station/.

Fiestas del Carmen, Corralejo

In the summer months there are a lot of siestas. Plan to visit the town during Easter. Easter is carnival time with fancy dress parades, processions, costumes, music, and dancing in the streets. Corralejo has the biggest celebrations but even the small villages stage their own events.


A lively nightlife means that you can always dance off any extra calories consumed or make up for the lack of exercise at the many bars and clubs on offer. “Music square” is the place where you can see a lot of local groups during the day or in the small hours of the night, and there you can find small bars where you can hear Latin and Spanish music. The best bars in Corralejo make that dream of sipping a cocktail with the sand between your toes a reality. Corralejo “Mojito Beach Bar” is a famous place for that purpose. Nearby is the town of Caleta de Fuste, so if you like gambling you have to go there. The casino, which is in the Carlota hotel, offers you the whole arsenal of gambling games.

 Bars, restaurants and nightlife of Corralejo

Nightlife in Corralejo is great and alive so you cannot be bored at all.

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