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Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands. Only 100km away from the coast of Africa, the island has all the benefits of sunny weather and great beaches. In the last few years, the island has become a stop for many tourists because it is authentic, still quiet and has more than 150 white sandy beaches, most of them undiscovered. “Fuerteventura” literally means “strong fortune,” but is translated by some as “strong winds,” so kite lovers and surfers are welcomed.


The island can be visited by plane or by water via ferry from the other islands, like Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. Caleta de Fuste and Corralejo are the towns with greater popularity among tourists.



Since 1860 Puerto del Rosario has been the capital of the Fuerteventura. Close to the capital is the airport. The population of the town is around 18,000. After construction of a good main street and facilities, the town is now attractive to tourists. From the old part of the community–the harbor—you can walk among an atmosphere of quiet streets with Canarian local-style buildings. Centrally located are the shopping zones, the house-museum of the poet Miguel de Unamuno, a centre for cultural activities like concerts and a unique old church. El Cotillo represents a small village of fishermen, with a rustic style. Stay here if you like the quietness of small places. It offers a variety of new accommodations, with many very good fish restaurants and bars. You can enjoy the greatest lagoons and beaches in the south parts of the town. Playa del Castillo is the best beach around the Cotillo, but if you like the wildest beaches, go to Playa del Aguila or Ajibe de la Cueva. Windsurfing and surfing are the best in Fuerteventura. Surfers and kite riders visit the place to catch the waves and winds. Caleta de Fuste is 10km away from the airport. Like Corralejo, the town is very popular amongst tourists, with lots of places to drink and eat and outstanding nightlife. Everything you need is on the main street, so if you like a dynamic holiday, you must book a room in this region. There is a new golf and bowling area in the town, a big shopping center, and many restaurants and bars. You can visit sandy beaches, take a boat trip, or dive and make an undersea excursion.

Caleta is centrally located, so you can easily explore the rest of Fuerteventura.  Antigua is one of the oldest places on the island, built in the 18th century. It is small, with a population of 3,000 people, but you should visit the place to see the old church in the center, the restored windmill and the famous market. Corralejo is in the north of the island and is among its greatest places, being very popular with tourists. It’s colorful, revived and modern, with a bit of tradition. You can find many big resorts outside the city, so if you want to be outside the town, you can stay in them. Otherwise, in the town there are many four-star hotels near the main street, so you can have a great time there, too. The music square, the old harbor and the dunes make Corralejo so popular. You can try ferry trips, tennis, watersports, safaris, biking in the mountains and many other things. Fuerteventura is a great island waiting to be explored.

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