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Villa Winter Perfect Vacation Spot for People who Love Adventurous and Mysterious Trips

If you want a travel experience that isn’t simply great but also fantastic, you ought to put more thought into where to spend the vacation. If you want to spend a holiday in a beautiful location which holds several mysteries, then Villa Winter is the place for you.


The Nazis Villa Winter is a grand villa which is located close to the Village Cofete, on the peninsula Jandía in the southwestern part of the island of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. The Nazis Villa Winter lying in the mountainside is an isolated villa that holds several secrets. It is a beautiful villa situated in an epic location.

The villa was constructed by a German engineer named Gustav Winter born in 1893 who took up several projects in the Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. This villa is constructed in the remote part of the Canary Islands with a dust tract leading to the villa. The historical backdrop of the Villa Winter has several conspiracy theories, frequently including Nazis and Aliens.

Gustav Winter touched base on Fuerteventura in the 1930s. He worked for a substantial organization that had quite gained an incredible region of area in the south of the island – the landmass of Jandía.

Winter got to be known for his strange dull glasses and he always walked with a dark dog. He was the person in charge of constructing the very first port at Morro Jable.

Initially, the villa was believed to have been constructed to establish farming in that area. But the bits of gossip started spreading after guards accompanied by dogs began to guard the walls of the Winter villa.

Anybody attempting to get in to the Villa Winter needed to first introduce themselves to the gatekeepers, who might then call Gustav Winter himself. If they were allowed to enter, they then needed to go along an earth track street which was built by the political prisoners who were held captive at a camp at Tefia. Allied ships were assaulted by German submarines that encompassed and shielded this little island from prying eyes.

The villa’s isolated location alongside the Atlantic and its characteristic mountain safe house would have been a perfect meeting point for Nazi pioneers touching base by submarine and looking for a place of refuge until they could slip into secrecy after the war.

Villa Winter Fuerteventura

Another myth that has developed is that Villa Winter was a shelter-giving place of refugees, as well as a clinic where plastic surgeons worked to give the escaping Nazis new faces to coordinate with their new identities.

In a meeting before her demise, Gustav Winter’s widow solidly denied the claims leveled at her late spouse throughout the years.

She denied that the estate ever had associations with the Nazis or that it was used as a hideaway for Adolf Hitler – she said the notorious villa was constructed for the basic reason of establishing farming in the area.

But the sheer size of the villa, its separation, and the armed guard patrols suggest that this villa was never bound to be a family home.

Historical records proposed that Villa Winter was a protected house for escaping Nazis who were most presumably going to America.

Another puzzle starts with the look and position of the Villa Winter. It is encompassed by land which, shockingly, has the very same shape and extents of the Island of Fuerteventura itself.

Is it accurate to say that the location of the villa and its shape are the consequence of definite mathematical numbering, a sign to some aliens living, or simply fluke? Reality will most likely never become visible; however, hypotheses flourish.
The Nazis Villa Winter is a must visit holiday spot for those travelers who love to explore mysterious places.

The mysteries of Fuerteventura are endless and one of them is the Mafasca light. This is not a typical light. It appears like it has some insight, and it seems like it has some intelligence and some interest about the humans that make this light be cataloged as a “natural phenomenon.” The Mafasca light appears without attack or kills the walkers or people of the village of Antigua in the sparsely populated island of Fuerteventura.

Mafasca light

The light shows up in the quiet and dark evenings. The light of Mafasca goes here and there by the valleys, or it can stay static and noticeable all around, or “fly” quickly to unfathomable velocities. The general population that has seen this light has been astonished and even frightened when this light gets near to them. The appearances of this strange light have been occurring since a long time back. Grandparents and parents have recounted their stories and encounters of the appearances of the light of Mafasca.

Fuerteventura has several other amazing highlights that are a treat to the travelers. Fuerteventura has more than 150km of beaches and water. It is a spot to enjoy various activities in the best conditions.

The island consists of villas, cottages, flats, country housing, golf resorts, and exclusive resorts that ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay. You can escape from your daily routine and submit yourself to a state of tranquility and relaxation in this beautiful and serene island. One of the excellent features of Fuerteventura is that it has the best climate all through the year.

Fuerteventura is an ideal place to conduct conferences and meetings using modern facilities in a pleasant environment. It is a home to several rare varieties of flora and fauna, which are protected by several environmental projects. It is an iconic place to watch volcanic zones, which contain extraordinary fossil differences and close to 50 paleontological stores perceived around the world. Despite the island’s arid nature, the island hosts the richest marine environment for canaries.


Land sailing, an annual turtle release, and the international kite festival are some of the highlights that you can’t afford to miss in Fuerteventura. If you are an adventurous person then you can try out activities like bat game, karting, canary bowling, and horse riding to escape boredom.

In short, Fuerteventura Island is an amazing travel destination where mysteries and several fun activities coexist with tourism.