Corralejo activities

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In Corralejo, Fuerteventura’s island from the group of Canary Islands, there’s a lot do to and see. Activities there are mainly connected with water sports, sightseeing tours, boating and cruises, nature and wildlife and of course great nightlife and lots of good restaurants and bars by the Atlantic Ocean. Along with the great weather all of the year and a big range of activities, this small town has grown in popularity and the place is the desired destination for many tourists. If you wonder what to do when you go there or just want to be prepared for what the greatest things to do there are, we will offer you three wonderful activities.

Camel tours in Dunas & Eco Buggy

Camel ride at sand dunes - Corralejo

The tour is almost three hours and will cost you around $60. The time when it starts usually is 10 o’clock and goes until 2:30 when the tourists are back in Corralejo. The activity is great for families, couples, and people of different ages because it is safe and adventurous. You can use the comfort of Eco Buggies and drive across the natural park to see its wonders, like the big crater and his panoramic views, eagles, chipmunks, and hawkmoths. You have to be over 18 to drive the buggy and have a license. When you reach the dunes and beaches in the area, you have the opportunity to ride a camel in these desert areas. You can have drink or food on the beach, which are not included in the tour price and you can also swim so take your swimwear.

Snorkeling and Stand up Paddle

Snorkeling Excursions from Corralejo - Fuerteventura to Lobos. Good places to snorkel

For this activity you have to pay around $50 and the groups depart from Corralejo harbor. The tour takes you to the shore of Lobos Island with a motor boat and you can take a camera and backpack for your comfort. There you can see the old town and then start your adventure with the board on a Stand-up Paddle. No matter if you are a beginner or not; professionals guide you in the activities. If you prefer, you can dive with a snorkel and see the rich life in the ocean. After three hours you return to Corralejo with a motor boat and you can have free food and drinks onboard.

Segway tour

Two wheel Segway Tours Corralejo, individual tours, hourly ot daily rentals.

This amazing activity will give you the opportunity to drive a Segway eco scooter. The scooter can be driven near the ocean along the shore. An hour and a half is the length of the tour and the cost is $40. The departure is often from the city central parts and you can join in the morning or in the afternoon. The off-road tour is across the beaches of Corralejo like Punta Prieta, Las Agujas, and is 4 kilometers long.

These three activities are not the whole bunch of wonders you can do in Corralejo. You can also try a tour of the south coast of Lanzarote in a private boat, a couples’ sunset sailing charter in private, a tour by boat to Lobos Island, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing with a catamaran, private photoshoot tour, and much more. When you decide to take a trip to these amazing destinations, be prepared to feel the joy and the adrenaline of the all of the activities that the place will offer you.